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About Church Alive 365

The 1st Annual Church Alive 365 Ministry Leadership Conference ‘Church Alive 365’ was held in July of 2003 under the leadership of Pastor Eldridge Spearman. The conference is based in part on the book ‘Church Alive! Comparing Church Work with the Work of the Church written by the late Rev. Harold E. Trammell who served as Mount Jezreel Baptist Church’s sixth senior pastor. Today, Church Alive 365 is a three and a half day conference the combines teaching, preaching and worship; in which the “work of the Church” is defined, described and made alive according to the New Testament. Church Alive 365 identifies the qualities of good ministers and members, exposes the adversary of the Church, covers issues facing the Church, and explains proper Church financing, and actively engages in missions, social action, mental and behavior health and the environment.

Christ-focused leaders like you are greatly transforming lives in our community today. Scores of pastors, church leaders and members have found this conference to be an invaluable tool to motivating congregations to actively engage in the work of the church. At The 2019 Church Alive 365 Ministry Leadership Conference we will equip, encourage, and empower your leadership FOCUS! You will experience powerful peer networking, Christ-centered thought leadership and practical, biblically-based training. Join us and take your ministry to a higher level of service.

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

– Pastor Eldridge Spearman

About Mount Jezreel Baptist Church

The Mount Jezreel Baptist Church (MJBC) celebrates 146 years of service in 2019. Its rich history started with a group of people who grew tired of walking across town to Vermont Avenue Baptist Church in Northwest from Southeast/Southwest. Despite the trek, they were committed to the truth of the Gospel and determined to live for Jesus Christ. MJBC is grounded on the principle that all the Glory belongs to God. The Mission of the Mount Jezreel Baptist Church is to glorify God in obedience to the commands and teachings of His Son, Jesus Christ. We are committed to actively engaging in the ministries of S.W.E.E.E.P. : Service, Worship, Education, Evangelism, Economic Development, and Pastoral Care within and without our community as revealed in God’s Word, particularly in Luke 4:18-19; Matthew 28:18-20 and Acts 1:6-8.

During these 146 years, the church has had only seven (7) visionary shepherds who, in their own special ways, preached the “Good News” and nurtured the body of Christ. The Mount Jezreel Experience is marked by powerful preaching, an aggressive and expansive program of biblical teaching and discipleship development, an infrastructure of over 40 ministries, as well as one of the most dynamic music and fine arts ministries in the Kingdom. MJBC’s diversity of programs includes ministries that touch every segment of our community. This includes ministries for children and youth, men, women, singles, One Flesh (married couples), support groups and Seasoned Senior Saints. Everyone is included; Everybody is Somebody at MJBC.

As the church expanded down through the years, it has created greater avenues to reach deep into the community. The church has become a summer site for Freedom School, serving 100 children without cost to their parents. We have been blessed to open our own Christian School, providing an opportunity for our children to receive an education in a Christian learning environment. Through our school, we are nurturing children and changing lives.

The church is actively engaged in ministering to the homeless, to those who have patterns of addictive behavior, to victims of domestic violence, donating food and clothing to those who are victims of disasters, spreading the Word through the Koinonia Bible Institute and evangelistic outreach in the community. MJBC offers job fairs, spiritual guidance and resource data to meet specific needs, including the needs of persons who are ex-offenders.

The church has been further blessed to become actively involved in missions work through adult and youth missions trips to Liberia, Poland, Jamaica, Brazil, Uganda, Guyana, Kenya and South Africa.

MJBC continuously looks at new areas of ministry to broaden the Mount Jezreel Experience. Since the world continues to change around us, we must change the mode of ministry to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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